B+E Towing Training

B+E Towing Training

We offer towing training for the B+E towing test. No matter what level you’re at, we’re here to help

Trailer Handling

We offer familiarisation towing training, from horsebox and boats to mobile catering units!

See explanation below of the law regarding trailers & towing

Small open top trailer

B Licence

You can tow without a B+E licence if your trailer doesn’t exceed 750kg MAM, or the train weight doesn’t exceed 3500kg MAM, and the trailers MAM doesn’t exceed the vehicles unladen weight.

Small twin axle box trailer

B+E Licence

With a B+E licence you can tow trailers exceeding 750kg MAM using a category B vehicle (3500kg). The trailers length excluding the A-frame must not exceed 7 metres, and the width not exceed 2.55 metres.

B+E Towing Training

Business Use?

If you will be using your B+E licence for commercial gain, i.e. for hire or reward purposes, you may need to adhere to drivers hours regulations, and also need to obtain an operators licence, unless you are exempt.

Focus Driver Training can facilitate your trailer towing needs, whatever level of ability, for licence acquisition purposes or basic trailer handling skills! The towing test is as much about your driving skills as it is about your towing and uncoupling/recoupling skills, therefore you should ensure you are fully prepared when presented for your B+E test. Our courses will fully prepare you for the B+E test, we cover the reverse exercise, and allow plenty of time to allow you to familiarise with the trailer and the reverse exercise. We also fully cover the uncouple/recouple exericse several times, and assess your driving skills giving you a full report after each session, offering coaching and instruction to help bring your driving skills up to the test standard.

  • Our course materials complement your practical training, and we have a range of resources to assist, including online training
  • Our experienced and first class Instructors provide expert advice, and can tailor your training to suit your experience and ability
  • We’ve helped hundreds of drivers to acquire new trailer towing and reversing skills, and to obtain their B+E licence
  • We can also give you advice or training in regard to Drivers Hours regulations, Working Time Directive and Operator Licencing

Focus Driver Training can facilitate your trailer towing needs to suit your availability. We recognize that taking time off work to do your training can impact on you financially, and/or require valuable annual employment leave, therefore we can arrange your training early in the morning, late afternoons and/or on Saturday’s. You are welcome to use your own vehicle for your training or you can use ours. If you use your own and it is an automatic vehicle, then you will be restricted to towing trailers exclusively in automatic vehicles. You can use your trailer for training or ours, if you use your trailer for test purposes, it will need to be loaded appropriately, see trailer requirements.

The B+E (car and trailer) test outline is as follows:

  • An eyesight check
  • 5 show me tell me questions
  • The reverse manoeuvre
  • Uncoupling and recoupling the trailer
  • A 1 hour drive on a range of different roads
  • Part of the drive will include 10-12 minutes of independent driving

There is only one reverse exercise throughout the test which will be carried out at the test centre, during this reverse exercise you will be allowed to shunt no more than two times. At the end of the manoeuvre you will be allowed to exit the vehicle once to ensure that the trailer is inside the yellow box. When recoupling the trailer you will be allowed to exit the vehicle as many times as necessary to ensure you will not strike the trailer hitch when reversing.

There is no longer an emergency or controlled stop during the test.  

Towing Training for the B+E Test…

Focus Driver Training Ltd can facilitate your towing training needs, whatever your level of ability we can help.

Do you need to obtain your B+E licence to allow you to tow your caravan or mobile catering unit, or horsebox? If you passed your category B car test after December 31st 1996, you will not have a B+E licence, which means that you can only tow relatively small trailers.

Acquiring your B+E licence will allow you to tow trailers exceeding 750kg, behind a category B vehicle i.e. a vehicle not exceeding 3.5 tons.

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