Initial Driver CPC Training

Module 2

Module 2 is a theory test based on case study scenarios, taken at the same test centre as the standard LGV theory test. We can provide you with log in credentials to our theory test preparation software which will fully prepare you for this test. You must pass module 2 before taking module 4.


Module 4 is a 30 minute practical demonstration test consisting of vehicle checks. You will need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding by answering 5 questions, from five topic areas. You need to achieve an overall score of 80% to pass module 2, but not less than 15 in each area.


Do I need Driver CPC?

Anyone who needs their LGV licence to drive professionally generally carrying other people’s goods for hire and reward, will need to complete driver CPC training. There are a few specific exceptions to this, for example someone who carries their own tools in the course of their work e.g. scaffold drivers are exempt, the full exemption list can be seen by following the link below:

There are two routes to obtaining a certificate of professional competency or DQC (Driver Qualification Card), either by passing modules 2 and 4 of the Initial Driver CPC or by attending 35 hours’ worth of Periodic training usually carried out as 5 x 7 hour days.

Grandfather Rights?

Drivers holding grandfather rights i.e. who passed their category B car test before January 1997 and/or their truck test prior to September 2009 (08 for PCV) were previously not eligible for Initial Driver CPC, and therefore had to undergo the 35 hours of Periodic Training to acquire their DQC. However, since April 2015 the DVSA have changed their stance on this, and now allow those drivers with grandfather rights returning to the industry to obtain their first DQC via Initial Driver CPC training and testing. However, such drivers must not have acquired any periodic training hours to be eligible for initial driver CPC.

Drivers who have grandfather rights and who opt to acquire their first DQC via initial driver CPC training/testing will need to request authorization from the DVSA, a formal process taking up to 10 days. Upon receiving authorization such drivers opting for initial CPC will be able to book their module 2 case study theory test by phone.

What is module 4?

Initial Driver CPC training for module 4 is based on a 3.5-4 hour training session, with a mixture of theory and practical training, followed by the 30 minute mod.4 test.

The test requires that the candidate explains and demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of each subject area, by answering 5 questions that the examiner will ask. There are five subject areas as follows: ability to load your vehicle with due regard for safety rules, security of your vehicle and its contents, ability to prevent criminality in illegal immigrants, ability to assess emergency situations, and ability to prevent physical risk.

Questions 3 and 5 will require that the candidate carry out full vehicle walk around checks, and for question 5 the candidate will be allowed to refer to a vehicle daily defect sheet.

The pass mark required is at least 80% overall, though not less than 15% in each area.

We will send you all the required reading for this test, and are available to support via email and telephone!

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Legal Requirements

Upon completion of either the initial driver CPC test or the 35 hours of periodic training, this will trigger the production of a DQC (Driver Qualification Card) which will be valid for 5 years.

At this point the candidate is legally permitted to drive professionally.

After receiving the first card and before the expiry of the first card (5 year validity) candidates will need to complete 35 hours of periodic CPC training (i.e. 1 day per year), if they wish to continue driving after the expiry of their first Driver Qualification Card. The second course of 35 hours of training which will then trigger the production of a subsequent DQC card, valid for a further 5 years.

If as a driver you no longer wish to drive professionally you will not need to complete any more periodic driver CPC training. This will not invalidate your LGV driving licence as CPC is not a requirement for licence acquisition, only for vocational purposes.

You will not be permitted to complete more than 5 days of training in a 5 year period, and any training in addition to 5 days will not be logged against your driving licence if completed within the same 5 year period.

What is module 2?

Module 2 involves passing a 75 minute computer based test at your local DVSA theory test centre, comprising of 7 case studies based upon typical scenarios that LGV drivers encounter in their day-to-day work.

The areas covered by the module 2 test are as follows: fuel efficient driving, safe vehicle loading, the social environment of road transport, regulations concerning carriage of goods, road risk and accidents at work, importance of physical and mental ability, ability to assess emergency situations, adopting behavior to enhance your company’s image, and the environment and organisation of road haulage.

The pass mark is 40 out of 50.

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Training Options

We will take care of everything from sending you the information which overviews Driver CPC both initial and periodic, as well as booking and managing your module 2 and module 4 training.

We will provide login credentials for your allowing you to log into our theory test preparation website, and begin preparing to pass module 2. We can monitor your performance and provide additional assistance to help you in any areas for which you may find particularly difficult, e.g. drivers hours regulations.

When you have passed module 2 we can send you the relevant information and background reading to help you prepare for module 4, and also book and manage your module 4 test for you.

Your practical training will consist of an interactive presentation carried out in our training premises, and also familiarization with the load restraining equipment and finally the training in regard to the vehicle e.g. an 18 ton LGV.

The training is carried out in Southampton and we can present you for your test at either Botley Test Center in Southampton, or Poole. Your training can be staggered over the course of two days or carried out on the same day. If booking your LGV category C training and test with us, we will give you a generous discount when booking your module 4 training and test! See discounts and deals! Read more.

Why us? Initial Driver CPC Training for Modules 2 & 4…

Focus Driver Training Ltd facilitates training for modules 2 and 4 of the initial driver CPC qualification.

Whether newly qualified or someone returning to the transport industry, it maybe that you need to complete your initial driver CPC training. If this is you we are here to help each step of the way.

If you hold grandfather rights (see questions above) you will need to request authorization to complete modules 2 & 4, though those without grandfather rights can book their module 2 online without requesting authorization, if they hold a provisional LGV licence.

The process from start to finish takes approximately 5-6 weeks for those with grandfather rights, and between 3-4 weeks for those without, depending upon how quickly you are able to work through the theory test preparation software.

Get started today, and begin working your way through our online theory test preparation software!

  • Our course materials complement your practical training, and we have a range of resources to assist, including online training
  • Our experienced and first class Instructors provide expert advice, and can tailor your training to suit your experience and ability
  • We’ve helped hundreds of newly qualified drivers to obtain their Driver Qualification Card, by completing their CPC training
  • We can tailor make your initial CPC training to suit your availability and time scales, discounts available for multiple bookings

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