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Refresher Training?

Driving test resits, refresher training, motorway training… we can help!

UK Familiarisation… Advanced Driver Training?

We offer UK familiarisation training, including written reports, and advanced driver training!

Various Driver Training Courses / Options  

Focus Driver Training Ltd offers a whole range of driver and transport training services! We can tailor make your course to suit your needs.

When it comes to category B training (upto 3500kg) we offer conventional driver training for licence acquisition purposes, for those with prior experience, and who are almost ready to take their driving test, (not for novice drivers). UK familiarisation training, and advanced driver training besides more.

See below for a range of our courses and prices.

Licence acquisition, taxi driver assessments, and UK familiarisation besides more…

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Category B (upto 3500kg)

We can facilitate category B refresher training, and present you for your test/re-test, if you already have driving experience. *Note, we do not offer full beginner courses.

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UK Familiarisation

We offer a UK familiarisation course for those working or studying here, who may need training regarding driving procedures and regulations in the UK.


Advanced Driver Training

Focus Driver Training offers advanced driver training for those wishing to pass one of the many advanved driving tests available, e.g. those offered by RoSPA or the IAM.

Focus Driver Training also provides driver training for those who need to sit an extended driving test, after having their driving licence revoked, and driver training for drivers who hold a foreign driving licence, and need to pass the UK driving test. We therefore offer short training sessions, (not intensive and semi-intensive courses), for this purpose, and provision of instructor and vehicle for last minute driving tests, with a pre-test training session, as well as advanced driver training and UK familiarization training.

  • Our experienced and first class Instructors provide expert advice, and can tailor your training to suit your experience and ability
  • We’ve helped hundreds of provisional licence holders pass their driving test, and gain their licence
  • We can also give you advice or training in regard to purchasing your first vehicle, insurance and other post-test training options


How many lessons?

While every trainee learns at varying paces, the national average or recommended number of lessons is equivalent to 45 hours. This should also be supplemented where possible with private practice under supervision with L plates and appropriate insurance cover.

I hold an EU licence...
If you hold an EU licence you can drive in the UK until you are 70 years of age on the basis of your EU licence, providing you are a resident of Great Britain. After your seventieth birthday you will need to exchange your EU licence for a UK licence.

In order to satisfy the requirements of residency a person is considered to be a resident if they reside in the UK for more than 185 days a year.

If you are over the age of 68 when you became resident in Great Britain you can only drive for 3 years, after which time you must exchange your EU licence for a UK licence.

What is an advanced driving test?
To pass an advanced driving test requires a much higher degree of driving skill in comparison to a standard learner test. The tests usually last at least an hour, and include all the manoeuvres as well as a commentary drive. A commentary drive involves the driver explaining in some detail how they are planning their drive, articulating the developing road scene and prioritizing the multitude of hazards in the various zones of vision. Most advanced driving tests allow no more than 6 driving errors, though no more than 2 in the same area, and the drive should exhibit smooth and progressive use of all the controls with no redundant gear changes.

There are a number of organisations that facilitate advanced driving tests, such as RoSPA, the Institute for Advanced Motorists and the Cardington test.

Can I use my own vehicle to train?
Yes. We often encourage candidates to take the initiative of buying a car earlier rather than later, this will potentially allow adequate time to practice in your own vehicle to consolidate your driving lessons. We will also give a discount for candidates which use their own vehicle.
What is a black box?

Commonly referred to as a black box this device can be fitted to most vehicles, and records the drivers driving characteristics e.g. acceleration, braking, cornering and engine idling all in real time. Such systems which come under the rubric of “telematics” can provide insurance companies with the data they need to monitor risk levels of their customers, this can save the customer hundreds of pounds, though can also lead to nullifying of their insurance or steeper premiums if they drive outside of set parameters. Telematics systems also provide feedback for drivers to help them improve their driving and benefit from lower insurance premiums, and many other benefits.

I hold an international licence...
If you hold an international licence from a designated international country, you will be able to exchange your international driving licence for up to 5 years after becoming resident in the UK, so long as your licence remains valid. Designated countries are as follows: Andorra, Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and Zimbabwe.

If you hold a licence from Northern Ireland, you can exchange it for a UK licence if it was issued on or after 1st January 1976.

If you hold a licence from Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man you can exchange it for a UK licence if it was issued on or after 1st April 1991.

If you hold a licence from any other international country you can’t exchange your licence for a UK licence, but you can drive for up to 12 months on your international licence.

Why take an advanced driving test?
Obtaining an advanced driving certificate is often a prerequisite to becoming an ambulance driver, as well as other emergency services organizations. Occasionally some taxi authorities will require their taxi drivers to hold an advanced driving certificate, and this is obviously a requirement for any would-be driving instructor.

There are many benefits to becoming an advanced driver, not least of which is reduced insurance premiums. Other benefits include reduced fuel consumption, increased vehicle longevity, and most importantly reduced risk of a road traffic collision. Driving is one of the most dangerous day-to-day activities that we do.

What is UK familiarisation training?
UK familiarization training is occasionally a prerequisite for those working in the UK on business, requested by their employer. It may mean that the employer can obtain insurance for their employees, or it could be to meet the Health and Safety at Work Act pertaining to the Driving at Work Regulations (1999). Such courses usually run for a half-day and may involve a short presentation, and training regarding driving procedures and legislation while in the UK.

Individuals opting for UK familiarization training will greatly benefit from such training, as there are many facets to driving in the UK that may either never have previously been encountered, or which are very different to what may be practiced or accepted in other countries.

Category B Driving Lessons

Intensive and Semi-Intensive Driving Lessons, Advance Driver Training
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