Driver CPC Courses

See below for the range of Driver CPC courses that we offer!

Driver Card and DQC

Drivers Hours & The Working Time Directive

This 3.5 hour module will keep you up to date with the latest rules regarding drivers hours  regulations, and the working time directive. 

Forklift loading lorry

Vehicle Legal Requirements

This 3.5 hour module covers the principles of safe vehicle loading, avoiding overloading, and various other topics regarding vehicle legalities.

Highway Sign

Professional Driver Legal Requirements

This 3.5 hour module will ensure you are aware of the current driving regulations, and the legal obligations as a professional LGV driver.

Driver Card and DQC

Eco & Safe Driving

This 3.5 hour module surveys eco driving, essential in the transport industry. Fuel consumption accounts for upto 40% of operators overheads.

Ratchet Strap

Manual Handling / Load Safety / Fire Awareness

This 3.5 hour module explores various Health & Safety legislation, safe vehicle loading, manual handling and fire awareness.

Range of different trucks

Professional Driver Vehicle Familiarisation

This 3.5 hour module overviews various vehicle types, gearbox layouts, braking systems, and looks at the Euro series engines besides more!

Driver Card and DQC

Driver Wellbeing

This 3.5 hour module covers the medical standards required of LGV drivers, nutrition, fatigue, and being in control when driving, besides more.

Driving Instructor Training

Working with Others

This 3.5 hour module explores customers expectations, service standards, communication skills and several case studies besides more.

Truck with low loading trailer

Professional Driver Essentials

This 3.5 hour module is a general refresher, recapping drivers hours, safe vehicle loading, journey planning and concludes with a quiz.

Horse rider

Vulnerable Road Users

This 3.5 hour module explores how identify and safely manage the risks presented by vulnerable road users, i.e. horse riders, children etc.

Eco Driving

Practical Eco Driving

This 3.5 hour module consists of journey preparation and vehicle checks, assessment & training needs, instructor demo and eco training on a 2:1 basis.

Practical Safe Driving

Practical Safe Driving

This 3.5 hour module explores principles of safe driving, i.e. safety cushions and making allowances, followed by instructor demo drive and 2:1 training. and concludes with a quiz.

  • Our course materials are interactive and engaging with a mixture of discussion, video and quizes!
  • Our experienced and first class Instructors provide expert advice, and can tailor your training to suit your experience and ability
  • We’ve helped thousands of drivers to complete their periodic driver CPC training, and obtain their Driver Qualification Card
  • We can also give you advice or training in regard to Drivers Hours regulations, CPC training and Operator Licencing
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