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Regular weekly lessons, this is the most effective way to learn and prepare for your driving test as it gives you the opportunity and time to take in what you learn throughout your lessons over a longer period allowing you to build confidence and familiarity week by week through seeing and experiencing the varying different road and traffic situations possibly at different times of the day.

By taking your lessons in this way it is possible to take lessons of differing duration.

Intensive courses

For those people who are limited in terms of their time an intensive course may be the most effective way to learn, intensive courses vary between semi intensive and intensive ranging from two to five hours a day over the course of one or several weeks, courses are designed to meet the needs of the individual and their present level of experience. 

Post test & refresher training

Post test training is tailored to meet the particular needs of the individual and cover aspects such as assessment and building confidence in any area of your driving which lacks knowledge or ability.

Refresher courses can be taken by people who hold a full licence and who through living abroad or other reason have not driven for a long period and require assessment and training.


Pass-Plus is a training scheme for new drivers with invaluable benefits least of which is significant reductions with your insurance premium..